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We design and develop web and mobile applications that enhance user productivity and grow your business. Enterprise systems with outstanding craftsmanship!

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We do system requirements analysis, systems maintenance and everything in between. Can we show you how?

Our Aspiration.

To design and build reliable systems and applications that simplify the way we do business.

Our Mission.

Growing steadily, offering world class solutions to our clients and conquering the tech world, one milestone at a time!


Systems Consultancy

It is our task as technology futurologists to paint an image for you of how technology can beused to achieve reliable high-performance, simple and yet precisely designed technological solutions that meet the business outcomes you need.


Web Apps

Our web applications are tailored to your specific business and technological requirements that help you achieve the intended business objectives.


Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps give you an extra touch of flexibility communicating with your clients while maintining consistance.


Quality Assurance (QA)

As a critical processes in software and systems development, we conduct Quality Assurance to guarantee the delivery of the intended value to the business.


Project Management

We do hardware installation, maintenance and provide technical advisory as and when required.


Developer Mentorship

We strongly believe that none of us the there yet, we therefore pull each others’ hands through providing internships and career guidance workshops.

Qonspec prides itself not only on award-winning technology, but also on the talent of its people of some of the brightest minds and most experienced executives in business.


Mugisha Vivacious

Agaba Hillary

Agaba Hillary

Chief Operations Officer
Agaba Davis

Agaba Davis

Chief Technical Officer

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